Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lani K. Photography - Update 11.18.2009

Hey Everybody,
So I have a bot of downtime right now just lounging in bed so I thought I would take this time to give you all a brief update on where & what I am doing today - The Summer was a crazy world wind, by the end of October I had done 14 Weddings for the year, It is by far the most I have done to date in a years time. It was really cool though because I really got to see all my Bride's & Groom's different styles with each wedding & of course all the photos turned out amazing and have brought a lot to my portfolio - Below are a few images from my most recent wedding: Ali & Calvin Wheat although the weather presented a few challenges (pouring down rain) we were still able to get some truely beautiful images - With the Ceremony & Reception being held at the McMenamins Edgefeild on Oct 17th 2009; The fall colors in all the landscaping really provided an artistic one of a kind backdrop

Although I have been shooting a lot of Weddings as of late I have also been shooting & booking a lot of Glamour & Portrait shoots. Around the holidays I get a lot of bookings for Children/Family Portraits which are always a lot of fun & I get a lot of bookings for Glamour shoots this time of year, as Girlfriends/Wives & Fiances are getting them done to give as gifts to their significant others, These shoots are always a lot of fun as well, I love playing dress up!!! I have also been shooting a lot of Senior Portraits & Engagement Portraits as well so to say the least the last couple of months have been beyond busy - But like I tell everyone, I absolutely love what I do and want to be able to shoot as much as I can, so I welcome all that I can take - So that is what I have been up to, I have some fun cool "Special" location shoots coming up along with a lot more portrait sittings, I look forward to all fun & creative stuff we come up with - So I will wrap up this "update" blog with some more of the work I have done in the last couple of months - Enjoy!