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Monday, November 24, 2008

Wow! Im sitting down......

I must say I have had A LOT of fun the last couple of weeks photographing my clients & experiencing those moments with them leaves me feeling rewarded & honored. Lets see I did, Infant Portraits, Family Holiday Portraits, Senior Portraits, Maternity Shoots, along with Holiday Boudoir portraits & Lastly a Bridal boudoir Shoot - Yes it may have left me with a lot of editing but I feel satisfied & pleased with all the work I have accomplished. I feel like I have bitten by the creative bug again & I cant seem to put my camera down - ITS GREAT !

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Holiday Specials !

Expired- Stay Tuned For More Specials To Come !
Can you BELIEVE it is ALREADY that time of the year? It's the time of year of THE HOLIDAY CARDS & HOLIDAY PHOTO's Lani K is currently running the following HOLIDAY SPECIALS !

Click Photo To Enlarge To View The Holiday Flyer !

The Family Holiday Portrait Package Includes The Following:
* 2 Looks and Setting Changes
* Location of YOUR choosing (Outdoors/On Location , Your Home, Or In Studio)
* A private online gallery for proofing of all shots from your Family's shoot
*10 Images of your choosing edited and enhanced; supplied on CD for printing and web use
Total Cost$ 140.

Click Photo To Enlarge To View The Holiday Flyer !

Holiday Photo Boudoir Package Includes The Following:
* 3 Looks and Setting Changes
* Hair & Make Up
* Location of YOUR choosing (Outdoors/On Location , Your Home, Or In Studio)
* A private online gallery for proofing of all shots from your Family's shoot
* 15 Images of your choosing edited and enhanced; supplied on CD for printing and web use
Total Cost $ 160.

- <3Lani K
Photographer & Owner of LANI K. Photography
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Lani K is offering special pricing to all the BRIDES TO BE , Be the PERFECT Wedding Gift For Your FUTURE LOVE - Treat Them,Treat Yourself cause you deserve it for all your hard Wedding Planning - FINISH WITH A BANG ! =0)


- <3Lani K
Photographer & Owner of LANI K.
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It' OREGON - We Adapt !

Wouldn't you know the time I start getting REALLY busy the weather goes from bad to worst..... Oh well I guess that is one of the many lovely benefits to living in Oregon; At least we have pretty trees...=0)!

Yesterday(11.5.2008) I had a lot of fun shooting Engagement Portraits for the soon to be Mr & Mrs. Shannon & Eric Biklen. It was truely a typical Nov day, rainy, cold, wet & windy; but these two were TROOPERS and such a pleasure to work with. Yes even though it was a little cold & wet we were able to focus at the task at hand and get some truely UNIQUE & AMAZING PORTRAITS ! I thank them for not complaining or at least not voicing it...ha ha =p, it made everything so much easier and faster - The Results Are Beautiful !

The Soon To Be Mr & Mrs. Shannon & Eric Biklen (2.7.2009)

Thank You Shannon & Eric, See You Feb 7th 2009 !!!!!!!
"The wise adapt themselves to circumstances, as water molds itself to the pitcher"

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Change Is In The Air........!!!

Lani K Photography will be doing a lot of renovations, with updated studio plans in the works- I will STILL be located in Bevaerton, I am just redesigning my space, so I look FWD to have it finished and shooting in it. And yes of course I will be posting photos of the space once it is finished and ready for use - EWWWWW I CANT WAIT !

On a bit of a side note I am FINALLY putting together a Portfolio of my Best work to start pursuing agencies to possible start shooting for their models or whatever I'm just out looking for a different avenues of Networking opportunity's and really thinking out side of the box & be different & Unique, That's whats important to me!



Monday, November 3, 2008

2009 Is ALREADY Going to be a BUSY YEAR & I LOVE IT!

Wow - I cannot believe it; With the end of the year quickly approaches, I cannot believe how busy / crazy The year 2009 is going to be & I cant wait. I have a half dozen Weddings already booked out & I simply cannot wait. I really do love what I do, I was working with a lot of "Mom's to be" this week and I just thought to myself "How cool it was that I am capturing someones very first moments of their little lives,Its Amazing!"

I look FWD to the craziness of "Holiday" card season and the up coming year and all the Weddings that will go with it - Stay Tuned , THERE'S MUCH MORE TO COME !

Here's What I have been doing , Thus Far Enjoy!:

Jocie (1.5yr Milestone Shoot)

Ashley S.(Personal Fitness & Glamour Shoot )

Kat N. (Maternity Shoot)

Christina(Personal Glamour Photography)

Trish (Personal Glamour Photography)

Tyson (Infant Portraits)


Sunday, September 28, 2008

ABOUT LANI K..... How It Started

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Photography is beyond a passion or profession to me, it quite simply is a piece of who I am. I derive my work from a visual interest in the ordinary form and structure found in everyday life.

I never thought for a min. that my job could be "playing dress up" with beautiful Men & Women as well as sharing very special moments with strangers who more often or not become good friends. I like to pay attention to the art of the moment rather then the technical specs, I let my heart take the picture!

With a relaxed and innovative all FEMALE team I enjoy shooting all types of photography. I find great gratification in seeing my clients see themselves differently, in a light that they may have never stood in before. Attention to details is my specialty - From Wedding Photography to Children's Portraits my creative license leads me to capture those unforgettable moments to last you a lifetime.

Photography to me is an escape to that perfect place. I have never taken a "Photography Class" nor have I ever shot with film, I couldn't tell you all the different specs I use on my camera every time I take THAT perfect picture: I just take the picture,but more importantly I connect with my Client's, their needs & wants, thus allowing for them to feel comfortable enough to have their true self's shine threw and then I just press the button and the moment is yours for a lifetime!

I shoot everything & I am always up for a challenge -

Currently Shooting:

♦Personal Glamour / Boudoir Style Shoots

♦Portraits / Maternity / Infant / Children / Family / Senior

♦ Wedding & Event Photography

Lani K. Offers Reasonable Rates Packages


Ashley & Baby Halle Maternity Shoot

Nick & Suzanne N. - 9.19.2008

Ellisha & Mikes Maternity Shoot

Katie & Leon Engagement Shoot


MIKE - Owner

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

And ..... IT WAS A HOME RUN !!!!!!!!!

Today is Tuesday & I have had a day to re group and rejuvenate from my MAJOR group shoot and I must say Myself & Lettuce (My Make Up Artist) pulled off every thing flawlessly, even faced with the unpredictable weather which changed from 70's to pouring in a matter of hours - but that just allowed for us to have some very FUN, UNIQUE & ONE OF A KIND SETTINGS - Check out some of the shots so far :

Letty Showing Off Her Shades - LOVE THIS GIRL !

"Corn Field Beauty"

Hair & Make Up & Total Styling By:
Simplicity MU


This little girl is MADE FOR THIS !

And her ADORABLE shots PROVE IT !
Hair & Make Up By: Lani


Hair & MakeUP & Total Styling By
Simplicity MU



Hair & Make Up : Lani K

Jennifer was a TROOPER - Rain & All