Monday, November 3, 2008

2009 Is ALREADY Going to be a BUSY YEAR & I LOVE IT!

Wow - I cannot believe it; With the end of the year quickly approaches, I cannot believe how busy / crazy The year 2009 is going to be & I cant wait. I have a half dozen Weddings already booked out & I simply cannot wait. I really do love what I do, I was working with a lot of "Mom's to be" this week and I just thought to myself "How cool it was that I am capturing someones very first moments of their little lives,Its Amazing!"

I look FWD to the craziness of "Holiday" card season and the up coming year and all the Weddings that will go with it - Stay Tuned , THERE'S MUCH MORE TO COME !

Here's What I have been doing , Thus Far Enjoy!:

Jocie (1.5yr Milestone Shoot)

Ashley S.(Personal Fitness & Glamour Shoot )

Kat N. (Maternity Shoot)

Christina(Personal Glamour Photography)

Trish (Personal Glamour Photography)

Tyson (Infant Portraits)